The Best Ways To Grow Healthy Hair And Avoid Hair Loss

2For as long as mankind has existed, hair is one of the main biological aspects that symbolizes beauty for the women and virility for the men.

Although the average lifespan of a hair strand is summed up to five years, people tend to lose as much as sixty to a hundred strands of hair every single day. Of course, this does not seem to be any sort of a serious predicament, the thing is, if this does not stop, what would you do if the effects start to get really apparent and everyone could see it?

Unlike what you might think, hair loss is not just something that people who are too vain about their physical appearance should worry about. Aside from being just a visual concern, it is actually also a health issue. There are actually centuries old medicinal scriptures and texts that state that you can actually determine the overall state of health of an individual just by physically assessing his or her hair, as well as the skin and nails.

What can you do in order to improve the quality of your hair as well as your general state of health?

To begin with, you must know that the hair growth starts from the follicles which are found within the skin of your head and correspondingly, about more than ninety percent of your hair is actually dead protein and has really high sulfuric content.

Sulfur is actually one of the most highly abundant substance that can be found in the human body, the fifth to ninth one to be more specific, aside from being in the body, it is also pretty much all round the atmosphere, it is given off by nature more particularly in rain water. Learn more about how to grow hair in a good way.

Fortunately you can alter these lack by incorporating some items that can give your body the extra sulfur, this can be done by eating more foods which are high in protein just like been pollen, goji berries, algea like spirulina, chlorella and hemp seed.

There is another type of mineral that could be found in the human body, which is also found in nails, bones and muscles and does a major role in the objective to grow new hair and increases hair shine, and that is silica.  By eating food items which are usually in the sort of dark greens and leafy vegetables, you can add in a good amount of silica in your system.
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